Domino’s Pizza to introduce tweet-to-buy on May 20th in USA


Twitter seems to be quite a popular medium for service providers such as banks and now fast food companies to introduce methods to make transactions easier and faster for customers. Domino’s pizza is now allowing users to place their pizza orders simply by tweeting a pizza emoji to @Domino’s.

What users have to do is first setup your Domino’s account with information such as your twitter handle, address, payment details, pizza toppings etc. Once that is setup, all users have to do is tweet to @Domino’s with the pizza slice emoji or #EasyOrder. Once this is done, @Domino’s will send you a direct message on twitter confirming the order.

While this doesn’t guarantee a faster delivery, it does shave off a lot of time typing in details and selecting the pizza. Although you cannot choose the pizza and once placed, you get the pizza that you have saved as preset, we feel that most of us have our favorite type of pizza that we order regularly. In case you want to change, you can either change the preset or place the order through other conventional methods.

This method also allows you to order from a number of different devices as long as you have access to twitter and you don’t even need an app. The Easy Order system will debut in USA on 20th of May. Currently it will be exclusive to USA but we expect them to start the service in other countries soon enough.


Author: Sandeep Sarma

Sandeep Sarma is a blogger and a freelance photographer. Apart from gadgets and phones, he also has a passion for movies and cars. He currently uses the S7 Edge as his main phone. Catch him on twitter at @sandeep9sarma