Tablet PC market declines in India by 13.9%


According to research done by CMR, the Tablet PC market in India has shown a double digit decline of 13.9% QoQ (Quarter on Quarter) for the first time. BWA (Broadband Wireless Access) enabled tablets accounted for 60% of the tablet shipments during the same timeframe.

The source says that the primary reason for the decline in shipments is lack of substantial differentiation leading that contributes to value proposition for customers.

“Since there isn’t much value addition coming in the shape of specific solutions to enhance device usability at the moment, Tablets are only becoming devices of convenience, essentially larger screen versions of smartphones. This has resulted in lower priority in the list of ‘must have’ devices for the average user. Tablets only make the ‘nice-to-have’ grade. To prevent the Tablet form factor from dying out, vendors must position their offerings as a distinct category, rather than just an also ran device at the cusp of a Smartphone and a Laptop PC,” Faisal opined.

Despite the negative growth of the market, Samsung still maintains the lead and has improved its market share from before. Windows OS only accounts for 3.4% of the OS market share in tablets with Android and iOS clearly dominating.


Author: Sandeep Sarma

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