Watch IPL 2010 matches on your mobile

The IPL 2010 season is about to kick off in a few hours from now. While you can always watch the matches in the Stadium or on your Television, most of us have jobs and other responsibilities . So a good alternative would be to catch the IPL on Youtube or on your mobile phone.

MiMobi is the official live mobile video streaming partner for IPL and they support almost every operator in the country. But the charges are approx Rs.10 per day to Rs.50 per week appox. Since only BSNL offers 3G speeds, the video quality would surely be better on a BSNL 3G connection than the rest.

As you might know IPL has partnered with Youtube for Live coverage of all the matches. This means that you can catch all the action on your PC. But if you are using a phone that supports Youtube or Flash Streaming then you can watch all the IPL matches on your mobile phone for free

Try hit this link from your mobile phone

Nokia 5800, 5530, N97, Apple iPhone  , Android phones support support Youtube

if that video plays fine then you might be lucky to watch all the matches on your phone for free

If you use an iPhone/iPod touch the official IPL iPhone app might be of interest to you

If you find any interesting mobile app or service for IPL , feel free to share it !

Author: Team FoneArena

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