BlackBerry WebKit Browser coming soon, seems fast !

Blackberry showed off it’s upcoming  WebKit based browser at MWC 2010.  The current default browser on Blackberry phones may not be the best mobile browser in the world. Most Blackberry users prefer to use 3rd party browser apps. But soon you might not need those apps as the default browser is set to get a major boost.

In the new version  , pages load really fast and content like Javascript and AJAX are fast and responsive. The panning and zooming has also been improved. The browser scores 100/100 score in the ACID3 test which is a standards test for browsers.

The new browser will support HTML 5, CSS3, DOM L3,BlackBerry Widgets and JIL Widgets

Watch the video for the proof !


And now word on the release date yet !

Author: Varun Krish

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