UK PM wants to ban WhatsApp, Snapchat, iMessage and others


Following on from the devastating terror attacks in Paris over the past week, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he could move to block encrypted messaging applications if he wins the next elections. In essence, this means that apps such as WhatsApp, iMessage or Snapchat that offer “methods of communication that cannot be read by security services even if they have a warrant” could be targetted.

The move is likely to be part of David Cameron’s plans for new surveillance powers to reduce the threat of terror attacks in the UK. Current legislation means the powers-that-be can access communications data – such as mobile phones, letters, fixed line etc – with a proper warrant but Cameron said:

“…it is important in the future that we make sure we can get this data where people are using the more modern forms of communication that are being made possible through the internet”

The main question raised by David Cameron and presumably the figurehead speech for the proposals was:

“In our country, do we want to allow a means of communication between people who, even in extremis, with a signed warrant from the Home Secretary personally, that we cannot read?”

He then went on to answer his question clearly and succinctly: “No, we must not!

To read more or see a short video of David Cameron talking about the matter, head over to The Independent.

Author: Nirave

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