3M mini-projector making a device debut

We told you about 3M developing a small projector, which will enlarge an image from a mobile phone, notebook or any hand held electronic device, and projects it on a large scale onto a wall or floor. This will help you in giving presentations without the hassles of carrying projector or arranging for one. By the way, as per latest developments, the 3M mini-projector is on its way to be embedded in a mobile phone. Samsung has confirmed hat they will be using the 3M mini-projector in one of their devices. Samsung has not specified in which device they are going to use this component. But according to my speculation it will be used in Samsung mobile phones; this will also give an extra edge to Samsung over its competitors, at least for some time. Also, 3M is putting all its efforts to make a good marketplace for innovative products like the mini-projector. They might be even talking to mobile phone OEMs, you never know!!!

Author: Team FoneArena

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