It will not be a bed of roses for Google and Nexus One says Microsoft

Microsoft thinks that Nexus One will struggle according to a statement by Robbie Bach, President of entertainment and devices division at Microsoft Corp

Google unveiled its Nexus One SuperPhone on Jan 5th at its HQ in Mountain View , California. It had even handed out review units to a bunch of Journalists with an embargo weeks before the official announcement. The leaks created so much excitement around the product that some users even postponed their phone purchases till Jan 5th.

Google has worked closely with HTC to design the Nexus One.   Why handset manufacturers must be unhappy with Google is because we saw more of the the Nexus One as the Google Nexus One rather HTC Nexus One

Interestingly , HTC’s Peter Chou and Motorola’s Sanjay Jha were present at the event and expressed their commitment to Android.

But if Google is getting into the business of designing and selling phones (leave alone the manufacturing part) its actually sending a scary signal to the members of the Open Handset Alliance.

The Droid for instance has taken the backseat now due to the Nexus One. Although this is a valid statement from the makers of WinMo , we have just one question – We love Win7 on the PC . Where is Win7 in on my mobile phone ?

Microsoft is expected to make some announcement at MWC 2010 related to WindowsMobile 7.

Author: Varun Krish

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