Wear Camera Remote app turns Android Wear smartwatch into your phone’s viewfinder

The things that you watched in sci-fi movies in the 90’s are happening for real. Android, in the form of Android Wear, is now on your body, it isn’t just restricted to the smartphone in your pocket or the tablet in your bag.

Wear Camera Remote

Wear Camera Remote

Something that only contributes to the picture you just painted in your mind is the Wear Camera Remote app by developer Dheera Venkatraman. The app lets you mirror your smartphone’s camera to your Android Wear smartwatch, thereby making it a second viewfinder. Also, in line with Google’s recent update to the camera app, your Android Wear device will also act as a shutter to control the camera.

This means that you aren’t restricted to viewing your phones screen at awkward angles anymore; the more adventurous of the lot can also think of this as a homebrew spycam. All you need is smartphone and an Android Wear device, and with this app, you’re ready to go.

Having said that, we must also mention that the app isn’t as bug-free as you’d wish, at least for now; as the developer suggests, there are still a few bugs that need ironing out, including low frame-rate. However, if you’re an Android Wear user, do give it a go since you have nothing to lose!


Author: Yash Garg

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