Handwriting Recognition on iPhone

I dont know what but these days everybody is going mad about thinking what Apple is going to do next with their iPhone. First the SDKs came out with game companies talking about iPhone optimized games.Then the news came on Apple patenting a special LCD display for iPhone that can click photos, third party developers are on their way of coming out with cool application of iPhone. The latest news to hit the scene is that Apple is hiring handwriting recognition experts in their Cupertino office

apple-handwriting-job.jpg and Engadget has confirmed that Apple wants these guys to be some real good programmers who can work on handwriting recognition. So Apple has finally realized that iPhone being a touch screen mobile phone should have a handwriting recognition feature, which was actually not there in the earlier version of iPhone. By the way the rumor that came from Gartner’s side that Apple has placed an order of 10 million 3G iPhone have been brushed away by Gartner saying that they didnt mean what they said. Gartner should avoid such mistakes given their reputation in the market. ANyways, handwriting recognition is something that will certainly increase the value of the iPhone.

Author: Team FoneArena

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