Apple iPhone news – new version of SDK out !

iphone-sdk.jpgApple is going on path taken by Samsung and Nokia. Like Nokia came up with the Nokia 5500 Sports edition and Samsung recently launching the miCoach phone in partnership with Adidas, Apple has filed many patents till now, which reveals that iPhone will not be less than your personal trainer, only thing is that it cannot talk. In future iPhone will have an enhanced version of the Nike+iPod application also, using a scanning function you will be able to scan food packets to get nutritional info about what you are buying. The built is sensors and accelerometers of the iPhone will make this possible.

Also, one more update from our side is that Apple has released the second beta version of iPhone SDK, which was major hit with developers. The highlight of this version is that, it has Interface builder functionality.

The second beta version of the iPhone SDK includes Interface Builder, Xcode IDE, Instruments, iPhone simulator, frameworks and samples, compilers, and Shark analysis tool.

The SDK is over 2gigs in size and will run only on a Mac . Do visit the Apple iphone Developer site for more

Author: Team FoneArena

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