Google Q1 2014 earnings reported at $15.42 billion, grow 19% YoY

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Earlier today, Google revealed its results for Q1 2014 and posted revenues of $15.42 billion. Earnings per share were reported at $6.27 and this was below the estimated $6.42 per share. The company missed analyst estimates of $15.52 billion in revenue and it can be attributed to Mountain View’s recent stock split amongst other things.

The stock split a few weeks back doubled the number of shares held by an individual and cut down value from $1060 to $530 per share. Additionally, the company has made very interesting moves over the past few months. The acquisition of Nest, renewed approach towards consumer oriented wearables like smartwatches come to mind. Fringe projects like the focus on modular phones too has captured the imagine. The company also sold off Motorola which was it’s biggest acquisition so far. Advertising, media and applications however remain the main source of revenue for Mountain View.

Google has managed to increase its revenue by 19% year on year and this is despite of increased R&D expenses. Research expenses went up $500 million to reach 12-14% of revenues.

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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