Google extends Windows Phone calendar and contact syncing deadline to December 31st

There was huge uproar after Google announced its plans to drop EAS support for all non-corporate GMail accounts, mainly because that affected Windows Phone, which has no in-built support for the new CardDAV and CalDAV technologies. Hence Microsoft and Google decided to extend the support for Windows Phone devices until July 31st, yesterday, a date from which devices without the GDR2 update would have stopped supporting syncing to Google servers. Thankfully, the companies have extended the date yet again, to December 31st, since most devices haven’t got the update yet.

Much has been said about the bitterness between the two American giants, battling a war of ecosystems in a large scale. Larry Page recently spoke how companies like Microsoft are using Google’s services for their own benefits, like the GTalk support in Outlook. Days later, Google released hangouts, replacing Talk, and based on a proprietary protocol. Microsoft on the other hand haven’t been quiet, with the incessant marketing attacks like “Scroogled” and other privacy based campaigns. There is no signs of the two companies patching up, but at least this whole mail protocol uproar has been fixed. The GDR2 update brings a lot of under the hood features, including the support for CardDAV and CalDAV, you can take a look at the other features in the below video –

Source The Verge

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Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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