Windows Phone 8 detailed: multi-core processor, NFC and Skype Integration

The Windows Phone 8 OS codenamed Apollo would bring support for multicore (dual-core and quad-core processors , NFC and would have Skype Integration according to Pocketnow, who got hold of a video that explains details about the next major Windows Phone update.

Here are some details about the Windows Phone 8

  • Support for multi-core processors
  • Support for 4 new screen resolutions
  • Removable microSD card storage
  • NFC that would support contactless payments, tap-to-share with other phones and Windows 8 PCs, tablets and laptops
  • Carrier control and branding for wallet via SIM or phone hardware
  • Partner client for Xbox Companion app
  • Deep Skydrive integration to share data such as Music and Videos between devices
  • Over 100,000 Windows Phone 7.5-compatible apps for Windows Phone 8
  • Integrated ecosystems with Windows 8 for desktop including Kernel, sensor fusion, security model, network, and video and graphics technologies
  • Desktop Zune client to be scrapped for new dedicated companion application
  • Camera interface would be called lens apps that would support 3rd party skins and features
  • Native code support to port apps easily from Android and iOS
  • DataSmart app to reduce and track mobile data usage
  • Internet Explorer 10 with a compression engine to reduce data usage
  • Automatically connect to carrier-owned WLANs when in range
  • Bing local scout with real-time location of nearby hotspots
  • Hardware accelerated encryption with BitLocker and always-on Secure Boot capabilities like Windows 8
These Windows Phone 8 features seems promising. Microsoft might give more details about the update in coming months, expected to arrive later this year according to the leaked roadmap.
Source: Pocketnow
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Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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