Nokia N9 Launch Countries – India , USA missing


The Nokia N9 was announced in Nokia Connection 2011 event in Singapore. Nokia also released a check availability page which indicates the countries in which the Nokia N9 is available. Sadly India is missing from that list and even USA. We might wonder that Nokia is working on carrier deals for USA but for India looks like it might be same story like the N900.

The list of countries Nokia N9 will be available are

  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • China
  • Croatia
  • Finland
  • Greece
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Portugal
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Serbia
  • Singapore
  • Slovenia
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • UAE
  • Vietnam

You can signup to a email notification in Check Availability page if you live in any one of the above listed countries. Anyone from India who interested to buy the N9 ?

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  • Sunny

    Nokia should learn to launch their products from manufacturers like Samsung, Sony,Htc and even Lg. Even if their products are not sold in large quantity they still launch their products in India. Nokia should be ashamed.

  • WTF !!

    whr is India ??

  • jabez

    im frm india, need it at any cost.all my friends r intrested.

  • manish

    eh, I am really dissapointed. I was really looking to ditch my HTC desire S for this beauty. I am waiting for its launch in INDIA.

  • Ex.NokiaFan

    If Nokia doesn’t launch it in India, then they will prove that they are the most stupid company in the planet (actually they have proved it already by switching to WP7. whatever..). Because India is one of the few markets where Nokia is still doing good people buy their crap Symbian phones just because they are from “NOKIA”. And this phone will sell like hot cakes in India.

    • Pure Nokia FAN

      Don’t talk like a douche….. ACcording to u then, Apple has topped the chart for the idiotic n most stupid company ever…… Whenever American People are over the iPhone version newly launched n decide to discard it , they then launch that particular version in INDIA….. when the whole world was waiting for iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS came here, when the whole world, splly US UK , were waiting for iPad 2, Apple launched its iPad 1 here in india…. Isn’t “THIS” wrong ??? n ur freaking blaming nokia…. first look around b4 cmmenting….

  • Aman

    No. It’ll be launched in india when it’ll available.

  • abita

    Wow so no African country will ship the N9. Nokia must realise that they sell more devices in developing countries. They should be ashamed, seriously. This is sad!!!!

  • Srikanth

    No N9 in india, after all the hype this news just depressed me.

  • Andy

    I think possibly this list is just incomplete, either that or they also have no intention to launch the phone in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc. Most of Western Europe is missing!

  • achal

    i have confirmed from Nokia India,it will start to ship in 2011 only!
    More info. regarding price will be revealed later…but wt about OS yaar? Will Nokia make updates in future? :O

  • Fret not guys, the N9 should be available in India…

    At least according to the post here

  • Ankit Agarwal

    what the hell NOKIA is thinking,
     india is the biggest market 4 nokia nd still N9 not availible in INDIA.
    By herat i am a true NOKIA Fan but this news hurts me a lot.
    Go TO Hell NOKIA ………
    who cares
    when we have Samsung Galaxy S2 ,, HTC nd even iPhone in  INDIA .
    Nokia Sucks………..

  • Sagarsindagi

    true ankit..

  • Sagarsindagi

    true ankit..

  • Manish Patel

    Indians are not worthy to experience the featured that Nokia N9 offers. Look at yourself before blaming others.

    • cool plum

      What did u mean by that?? Indians are ‘not worthy’?? do you know that indians write code for half the software that you use now?? and maybe you are but there are people who are not dimwits in india : sorry.

  • Timeattacks

    this is not fair it should launch in india as soon as possible can’t wait to buy this phone..

  • Jethro

    I believe that this is one of the Elop’s plan to bring down nokia. This is a very promising OS, and yet he signed WP, the worst kind of all. Looks like American should not ever run a non-American company, or it will be brought down.

  • Rai

    hi guys …N9  is superb almost perfect OS is amazing as i read at various sites 
    so many nokia fans thinks that they made a mistake by going for WP7 instead of a MEEGO. i have seen the nokia sea ray codenamed frst wp7 phone looks almost same as N9 in looks n hope that hardware too be same or superior to N9 now think that WP7 may be much powerful OS may that be reason nokia shifted..i m excited about wp7 by nokia….and too want nokia to continue with meego instead of symbian    

  • Nokia Ass

    These are the Last happy Days of nokia In India, Soon Nokia Will Sink with it’s CEO, atleast for launching something new see the other competitor Handset & their Feature, Still After Upgrade Nokia N8 to Anna hope we have to wait 1 year more to Update of Belle, these fucking stupid things will sue to you nokia, once indian belief gone no one will save you 

  • i ve been waiting for this phoneeeeeee. living in india is like shit

    • Indian

      Then get out of here asshole….!!!