HTC Droid Incredible saves man from bullet

Your phone always save your life, sometimes from your boss and sometimes from your wife, but did your phone ever save your life from death? Well, that’s what happened with John Garber. John Garber is a US resident who lives in Atlanta. He works in Club Halo as a valet, and during his work hours, few people started fighting outside the club, and they started shooting each other. Mr. Garber also got shot but he wasn’t injured because his phone saved him. Garber was using the HTC Droid Incredible, and the bullet was stopped by the battery of the phone, you can see that in the image above. Well, it’s hard to believe it, but Droid does stop bullets and saves life. Check out the video after the break in which Mr. Garber is discussing the whole scene:

He has said that he will never use any phone brand  other than HTC after this.

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