HTC HD7 Officially Launched in India with Airtel @Rs.29990

htc hd7 india

With the launch of the HD7 , HTC today became the first handset maker to launch a Windows Phone 7 device in India. Airtel users will get 2GB of Data usage for 6 months for Rs.300.

The price of the HD7 has been indicated as Rs.29990 but you can find it in the market for as much as Rs.27000 approx.

“Windows Phone 7 is an entirely fresh mobile experience, on which HTC is excited to be going big.  We see tremendous customer opportunities with the integration of Microsoft’s most popular services,” said Ajay Sharma, Country Head, HTC India. “The value Microsoft is bringing to mobile customers around the world sets a new benchmark for the industry and HTC is proud to be the first in bringing in the brand new Windows Phone 7 experience to India in partnership with Bharti airtel.”

“We are delighted with the opportunity to bring the eagerly-awaited HTC HD7 Smartphone in India. Combining the strength of the airtel brand and network with the innovation and design of HTC and the great user-interface of Windows Phone 7, we are happy to bring another first for our customers that will take mobile communications to a whole new level.” said Mr. Shireesh Joshi, CMO-Mobile Services, Bharti airtel

HTC HD7 Features

  • 4.3 inch display with kick stand
  • 1GHz CPU
  • 5 MP Camera with 720p HD video recording
  • HTC Hub

HTC HD7 Photo Gallery

HTC HD7 Specs

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Author: Varun Krish

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    i just ordered the desire HD :))))))) WIN mo 7 needs ahlot more tweeking :]]]

  • Aditya Akash

    Sorry to break this up people!
    But the windows 7 Phone is as bad as win6.5 mobile.
    The only difference is that it comes in a better shell!
    Care to think otherways?
    GO TRY IT!

    • Ume

      I doubt if Aditya has ever seen/used a Win phone 7. Win phone 7 is a brand new OS written from scratch and is totally delinked from 6.5

      Response Time:Windows Phone 7 is butterly smooth. Response time of touch screen is faster or equivalent to that of Iphone.

      Socail connectivity: Many of the hubs are very well integrated with the phone especially the people’s hub. you don’t have to go explicitly to Live, Facebook, Linked-In website. Everything is beautifully synced-up in the hub itself.

      Browsing Experience: To add more IE on win phone 7 is brand new and it is as fast as Safari. Also, you can open multiple tabs on mobile which is not supported by other browsers so far.

      Gamig Exp: Gaming Experience is better than any other smart phone at present. Also, X-Box integration is there where you can look at your score and can play with your Avatar as well.

      App Store (Market Place): So far, there are more than 4200 Apps on market place and the apps are growing at a faster pace than Android at its launch time.

      Copy and Paste: This feature is going to be there soon in Jan. So, Win7 phone will have rich exp of copy and paste. More updates will be coming in 2011.

    • jonty

      Yeah…go a and try it and feel it. then open your freaking mouth

      • ruby

        every person think in its own way. for me its phone for making calls, sms’s, emails, social network, media player, 8mp camera, hd video recorder, internet browser and of course a interface n i want to keep my phone free from garbage coz for games i ‘ve ps3 and for other sensors or pedometer etc i ‘ve protrack watch.

        Interface is unique and not like iphone/android who look siblings.

        Afer using iphone 3g n motorola xt720 i ‘ve switched over to windows 7 phone and i bet u will fall in love with it.

        PS : Windows 7 phone means power i.e. u’ve high end phone in ur hand working on at least 1ghz but in android case, u ‘ve same interface n customization whether u’ve rs.6000 micromax phone or rs.30000 dell venue……think abt it.

        • vicky

          well i completely agree with u ruby.. htc has introduced windows phones incredibly..i jz love htc phones nw im having htc touch hd n im fully satisfied wd it.. htc rockzz..

  • aniket

    aditya ur a ms basher go to hell apple fanboy! now no need to get envy bcoz u cant buy it rite now! LOL looser! ahhahaha windows phone 7 is gonna rock! read the reviews! it has the most fluid ui!

  • Nagz

    But where is the official Press Release ????

    – Neither AIRTEL nor HTC nor WINDOWS PHONE INDIA sites show up that WP7 is available

    – The lack of direct access to Market place also proves that there is some more delay for the launch !!!!

  • prashant singh

    sir/ma’am i am a student of class x.and am going to buy an smartfone around Rs15000 toRs16000.i want the best mobile of the present time which have everything in it.all facilities.such as very good camera ,multimedia and excellent social networking facilities,video player ,etc.please suggest me the best mobile i should buy.please.
    prashant singh

  • Wow!
    HTC again HD handset but I hope its better than HTC HD2 bcoz it have battery prblm I m w8ng 4 HD7 in market.

  • Nikhil

    Correct me if I am wrong , I use the HTC touch pro , its Windows 6.1 , I gues The new Windows 7.0 is Just a Marketing Gimmick and nothing else..HArdly any diff.

    • you are totally wrong 🙂

    • ramesh

      there is much difference in w6.1 and 7 becose i am using both mobiles

  • Shroin O’brian

    Hi Friends,

    Got to know that this is the last phone/model that will have Windows, I like windows as the OS, does anyone know if this is true.

    Also, does this phone have MS office, like my HTC P3400 has, as I need a phone that can support most/all MS office apps.

    -Shroin O’brian

  • Alap Vyas

    This phone is sipmly awesome…Try Windows Phone 7 with Mango update is available in India. 
    The experience is incredible just bought one..days of androud and apple are over and one more thing Windows phone 7 is developer from scratch, so your phone which was using any previous version of windows (e.g.6.5) would not support it. The new phones with WP 7 in India are HTC HD7, HTC Mozart, LG Omnia and Dell Venue pro…
    HTC Radar and Titan are to be released end of October in India.