Samsung Super Clear LCD TFT vs Super AMOLED


Do you think Samsung AMOLED is the most awesome display in the world ? Think Again Samsung have released Wave 2 with a Super Clear LCD TFT. Eldar Murtazin has posted picture comparison of Super AMOLED Vs Super Clear LCD TFT.

According to Eldar , Super Clear TFT offers stunning results and the notable difference from SuperAMOLED is that the picture is more acurrate. Also the Samsung Super Clear LCD TFT have the DNIe(digital natural image engine) used in high end Samsung TV’s.

Wave 2 Vs Wave 1


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  • Suhas patil

    At least indicate which of the two is super clear lcd, right one or left one?

    • raziq

      Haha.. a guy who doesnt even knows the models.. gr8..

      got a wave with me.. Super Amoled is kewl i think

    • wjvelasquez

      Wave 1 = 3,3″
      Wave 2 = 3,7″

      Now you know

      • kimtaee

        There are 3 cellphones.. galaxy s (super amoled 4.0), wave 2 (super clear lcd 3.7) and wave 1 (super amoled 3.3)

  • The one in the left is the wave 2 in both pix

  • none

    You can activate the DNIe also on the Wave with SuperAmoled.

    • jatin

      how to do this ???????????

  • wjvelasquez

    in my Wave S8500 the screen look much better than the s8500 in the picture.

    put a link to the picture to open in my phones and compare.

  • puktu

    hello guys i request all of you to check the super clear lcd screen mobile phones before buying any other device.

  • wjvelasquez

    what about the image’s link to open in my wave?

  • ryoka

    i believe this eldar guy sells sclcd phones 🙂 it is obviously seen amoled is much better than sclcd. just go and check with ur own eyes.

  • Ganesh

    sc lcd gives a brighter image just like our normal TV screens a comparison bw LCD and Plasma.. but LCD is always better

    still plasma gives a brighter view to the viewers .. and has a less life