Smartphone Championship Semi Final: Nokia N900 vs Palm Pre

Okay folks, the FoneArena Smartphone Championship is going on very well, and now we are finally in Semi-Finals. The qualifiers for Semi-finals are the SE Xperia X10/ Samsung Galaxy S and Palm Pre/ Nokia N900. All of them are great phones, but we are going to have only one winner. So lets head to the first round of semi-finals.

The first match is between the Palm Pre and Nokia N900. So folks you have the power to choose your favorite, so if you want to see Nokia N900 or Palm Pre in the final, then start voting. On your marks, get set, VOTE!

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  • The N900 is antediluvian, and Nokia’s days as a smartphone manufacturer are numbered. I mean, a resistive touchscreen? Really? 2005 called, they want their technology back.

    webOS represents the pinnacle of mobile multitasking, and guess what? It’s only getting better. Palm’s marketshare has only one direction to go: up.

    Pre all the way.

    • Russ

      “Palm’s marketshare has only one direction to go: up.”

      Just to clarify, Palm’s not going to have market share since they were bought by HP. This has also led some to worry about the future of Palm devices. HP is committed to webOS, but not necessarily more mobile devices (besides tablets).

    • Robert

      How does Pre’s multitasking ability compare to this:

      BTW I prefer resistive touchscreen way better than capacitive touchscreens. It is one of the reasons why I chose the N900 actually. It allows much more precision. You can browse the web and not zoom because I can press a very particular point with a stylus. I can paint with my phone precisely, thanks to the stylus. If it’s cold I can use my phone with gloves. And I can also use it with fingers. I’d rather paint on my phone than multitouch. Much more fun. And the N900’s screen is so sensitive you’ll barely notice that it’s resistive.

      Just because resistive was invented before doesn’t make it any less good. For example XP vs Vista, 1970 Dodge Charger vs 2010 Dodge Charger.

      Capacitive has slightly more sensitivity and multitouch. Resistive has pressure sensitivity (awesome for painting) and can be used with any object. Both have advantages and disadvantages. I prefer resistive. But I am not insulting capacitive, especially without saying why.

      Saying resistive technology is outdated without saying why just shows your intelligence.

    • Stylinred

      Resistive is more accurate though… that’s what makes that great painting app work so well i’m sure you’ve seen the videos

  • Seriously, I was a *huge* Nokia/Maemo fan, owning the N770, and N810 (which I happily gave to another hardcore linux adherent who coincidentally, also just acquired a new palm pre.

    Maemo and its developers are, and continue to be awesome, however I felt like Palm/Rubenstein/webOS proponents really went a better distance to support innovation, and actual app saturation.

    I loved my n810 so much that I literally waited and chose another Maemo/Nokia/Linux enthusiast to send it to. Also, the hardware was darn durable.

    I lusted over the n900 but I could not find a good subsidized plan and I needed reliable enterprise exchange support at the time.

    Nokia doesn’t especially covet US phone enthusiasts, and do well enough in Europe, I wouldn’t expect them to be as hungry and responsive as Palm as been to its community with its OS. We beg only of newer more durable hardware. But the OS response and the community is why I have to vote for Palm over Nokia in this one.

    • Gene

      While I love my N900 (and voted for it), I agree that webOS is also a fine operating system. Had Palm released it on 4 carriers simultaneously, as Samsung did with the Galaxy S, it may have gained enough market share to remain independent. I hope that HP gives it the love it deserves, and matches it with some worthy hardware.

      Meanwhile, back to playing with the next-gen MeeGo. Can’t wait until November to see the first MeeGo phones. 😀

  • Jasper

    Look at nokia n8 now, and you will see that nokia n900 is a great effort

  • Andrew

    From reading all the comments about this poll posted by both user groups, WebOS and Maemo 5, I’d say that we probably have a lot in common, we’d probably get on well down the pub and end up being best mates. You Palm Pre users are saying exactly the same things about WebOS and Pre as we are about Maemo 5 and the N900. I am certain that my N900 does have better hardware (in almost every respect) but that the two OS’s are reasonably well matched, with fantastic user community support on both sides. Perhaps we should have started out on opposite sides of the grid to battle it out in the final?

  • Fivelions

    I Love my Nokia N900, i hope it will be wonder….!!

  • kilrathi

    I vote for N900. As a very happy N900 owner I couldn’t vote for something else. Has some flaws but it’s everything I want and more

  • Hans

    N900 – Best mobile device ever. Period.

  • Robert

    The superior phone won with the best community 🙂

    • Enjoy your days while they last… Nokia is going to FAIL.

      • raw8255

        oops!! NOKIA is a Winner!!

      • Ben

        ‘cept it won. Sorry Palm boys, we’re just THAT good.

      • Perhaps you two don’t understand… Nokia, as a smartphone manufacturer, will NO LONGER BE ONE sooner rather than later… it’s their punishment for making so many terrible products in a row and resting on their laurels.

        • Robert

          I think you are the one that doesn’t understand. Do some research before talking. You might look better.
          Nokia will no longer be? Ha! Don’t make me laugh…

          Without the new Symbian^3 and Meego not yet available, and Symbian^4 just announced, Nokia’s market share is rising again. Can you guess how much more it will rise with the new Symbian^3 and Meego devices?

          2010 Q1 Market share:
          2010 Q2 Market share:

          By a little sure…but it’s still rising. And it is nearly twice the percentage the next competitor has. Not to mention the fact that Palm isn’t even included as a market share company, but is stuck with ‘Others’.

          Please do some research. If Nokia’s market share was below 1% you were right. 36.8% is a very good market share. And I predict a rise with Symbian^3 and Meego.

          Yes yes…Nokia is doomed. FYI, the market isn’t limited to USA only.

          P.S. Yes Nokia have released some terrible devices lately (except for the N900 and a few others), but a new OS can change everything. Just look at Android and iOS. Nokia’s Symbian^3 is nearly out, Meego too and Symbian^4 is planned.

  • raw8255

    Nokia N900 all the way!!!!!!! 😀

  • Hung Vietnam

    I vote for nokia N900, love very much ( yeu em n900)

  • Angad Singh

    world maybe coming to an end….. these overclocking liars who overclocked their nokia phone to 1.5GHZ… let me remind u guys u had a 600Mhz not a 1GHZ underclocked phone….. this is indication…. now the good guys dont win…. when Nokia and SE have reached the semis and n900 is in the final… if galaxy S doesnt win then its a sad day for the world….

    • Wesley

      is 1.7ghz, not 1.5ghz

    • Cristian

      I laugh at all these fools who thinks that a Smartphone performance and speed depends only on the clock speed… LOL

  • C.Whiteham

    The reason I prefer the Nokia is that the Palm offerings currently are on carriers that do not use SIM cards, correct? So if I get the Palm Pre and I go overseas, I can’t switch carriers by swapping SIM cards, right?

    • andrew

      Actually no, the GSM variant of the Palm phones are available from Bell, AT&T, Telcell, O2, SFR, Vondaphone…

    • vicki d

      my palm pre plus has a sim card, my carrier is AT&T.

  • Murali

    Palm pre Awesome !!God above all

  • I don’t think Palm pre can ever Triple boot 2 OS’s , Run Android 2.3.1 ,and several other OS .. It’s a super multi tasking machine .