APad – China iPad

Meet the APad the Chinese clone of the Apple iPad and it does not run some dumb piece of software like Chinese clones .  In fact the reason it’s called APad is because it runs on Android OS.   The success of the Apple iPad might speed up the production look alike tablet devices and the APad looks too good to be true.  Looks like they are looking to capitalize on the flaws of the iPad by providing a Webcam ,  USB port , Memory Card slot etc.We hope its just not a mockup but a real product

APad Specifications

Dimensions(HWD): 190.5×118.5×14.7mm
Weight: 332g
CPU Processor Speed: 600MHz/500 MHz DSP
Memory/ROM: 2 GB
Memory/RAM: 128MB+
Memory Slot: T-flash
Camera: 30W to 130W Pixels digital camera
Color Display: 7 inch TFT LCD with Resistance Touch Screen
Resolution: 800×480
Battery Type: rechargeable Polymer battery.
Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
USB: Yes, Mini USB 2.0
Speaker: Yes
G Sensor: Yes
I/O Ports: Mini USB 2.0, T-flash, 3.5mm headphone, In-built microphone.
Wireless Network: WiFi 80211b/g
Software: OS Android 1.5
Browser: Google Browser
Video: MKV(H.264 HP), AVI, RM, RMVB, FLV,MPEG-1, MPEG-2
E-mail: G-mail
GPS: Google Map

APad Price and Availability

The price of the APad is expected to cost around 169 – 199 USD when it does on sale in a few weeks in China. May be such devices might force Apple to bring down the price of the iPad which starts at $499.

Are you excited about the APad ?

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Author: Team FoneArena

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  • Elvis

    Maybe you guys should try this apad .really good .
    8inch .android 2.2. The CPU is A8 .
    512mb memory, 4G hard disk.

    I bought it from a guy name Louis ,The price is $164. his email: louis806@ddlinc,cn.

  • mike parrant

    I have just purchased an A pad and it is great i am only learning with it but i am a bit disapointed i thought you could connect it to the internet with several methoids i thought it used a mini sim card but it doesnt you can only connect thru WiFi.
    please advice me if i am wrong and what do i need to connect if i am not within wiFi range.

    • Elvis

      Hi,can you send me a picture of the apad you bought?There are many different tablet pc named apad in the market.
      email: evlis1987@gmail.com

    • Abby

      hi.. u can set the 3g settings of your apad (signal is coming from your mobile provider) or you can use the ethernet (not wireless).. you can plug the ethernet through the adaptor that comes with your apad..hope this helps 🙂

  • rpesh


    i have google andriod apad can u tell m how to configure my tata docomo 3g e stick and start using internet

  • santoja

    its great spending money on apad is truly valie for money

  • kelzo




  • Haroon

    I’m intrested to bye this apad.

  • mohit

    i want 100 pcs..

  • mohammed imran

    i want to know whether is there calling option on this apad,can i access to facebook and twiter and is it having all the features compare to samsung galaxy tab.

    waiting for your valuable response

  • mohammed imran

    i want to know some questions related to apad

    Is it a mobile ?

    is it having all the features compare with samgsung galaxy tab?

    Bluetooh is enable in this apad?

    Facebook, twiteer and other thins are supproted?

    dual camers are there or not?

    3g is supported or not?

    • Vijay

      3 G not supported 

  • Tom

    Apple Apad 7 for sale at low price new one with box and everything. Only Rs.7000. If interested mail me at
    tomkattu@gmail.com or
    call me after 5:00 p.m

  • very nice china ipad. i have got one from china.

  • Abby

    hi everyone! does anybody know how to download facebook app such as the one for ipad like facely or friendly (if these app exist in apad) over the net? thanks so much! hope uve help me.. thanks 🙂

  • Dvhoie

    do excell possible in this Apad?

  • Sidhu

    i have ipad zte have secreen password google how detel this please help me and i have chine ipad on secreen have verion android i want to do intall new version help me

  • sakkie

    anyone know this ipad Brand:Rockchip Model:TR718D:ID:ECLAIRANDOID V:1.02-14.13-2011.01.08 English

  • Henry

    Not really very excited about a duplication. Guys, cant you think of your own invertions?? china
    Henry Uganda