New Windows Phone 7 Videos shows Amazing Office Integration

Microsoft Windows Mobile grew popular mainly due to the support for Office documents and MS Exchange. But the implementation in WinMo was not very usable and the hardware was not great. Now Windows Phone 7 might be a winner and Microsoft might make a great comeback to the Mobile phone market. Just look at the videos below which show the amazing Office integration built into the platform. No one can achieve this kind of integration except Microsoft who actually makes MS Office . You can edit Powerpoint /Word / Excel files right from the phone and email them to the person who sent them to you. Calendar integration is also pretty neat

via Engadget

Can Windows Phone 7 beat Android and iPhone  ?

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • taher s ezzy

    could you provide details about price and launch in india? or rather when will it be available in india.
    also detail specifications and support>

  • This is absolutely rocking. Watchout blackberry, palm, iphone and android.

    I am eagerly looking for this after MeeGo based phones.

    • Well good you brought up MeeGo .. WP7 phones might get MS office whilst Meego phones might get tons of open source software ! Both Nokia and Microsoft are late , but seems like they will come up with something interesting