FoneArena team wishes you a Happy New Year 2015


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Researchers bring OLED displays with solar cells for smartphones

Battery life has always been a problem when it comes to smartphones, we have been talking about solar powered smartphones from quite some time now, but have never come up with a good solution, but a research team has come up with a new concept of OLED displays which have solar cells embedded in them, and this really looks like the perfect solution, at least for now.

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Not Just Men , Women too Want SmartPhones

No more are you a geek if you have a Smartphone as women too are looking into smart phones, at least In India. Everyone from wives too professional woman is taking to Black Berry, Smart Phones, and PDAs etc.

In a Phone men look for Wi-Fi internet more while woman prefer Price, Size and Design. Woman give more importance to keypad on how easy it is to type on it and the speed of typing as women take to time very preciously. Men aren’t considered much about the aesthetics though no one will passé with a keyboard like N78.

As woman like faithful loyal partners, they prefer to stick to their gadgets for long. So they give more Importance to the price factor. Men love changing and updating their gadgets so they aren’t bothered much about the price.

Men give much thought to brand and are highly loyal to their favorite brands. Also men need Ease of Use as they usually multi task their phones. They also prefer touch Screens.

No wonder Iphone would be a huge success in India, once it launches. Will be interesting to see the pricing of it in India