Video : HP Slate – Windows Tablet PC with Flash , Web Cam , Memory Card Slot

HP just posted a short video of it’s upcoming Slate PC and interestingly most of the highlights of this product from HP are features missing on the Apple iPad which just went on sale this Saturday .

Its got a Web Cam, Full Flash support ,  Camera ,  Memory Card Slot. Tablet computers are the future and the iPad kicked of the revolution. Android , Windows and Linux tablets is a space to watch for and if these devices come with impressive specs which are better than most smartphones. I’ll pickup one of these and trade my Smartphone for a Nokia 1100.  What do you guys think ?  Will tablets replace smartphones ?


HTC Confirms Upcoming Windows Mobile 7 Phones!

We saw Windows announce it Windows Mobile 7 Series for mobile phones. But surprisingly we did not see any phones announced that run on the OS, not even from HTC who usually love Windows Mobile.

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Windows Mobile 7 to Have Free Navigation!

Google brought in the first free navigation with the Motorola DROID/MILESTONE. Then Nokia went ahead and took it to another level by announcing free turn-by-turn navigation for all it’s GPS enabled devices.

Now Microsoft is the next one to follow the footsteps of Google and Nokia. Windows Mobile 7 which hasn’t yet been officially announced is rumoured to be sporting free navigation as well. Microsoft are trying their level best to make Windows Mobile 7 live upto the hype. Continue reading “Windows Mobile 7 to Have Free Navigation!”