Windows Mobile 7 to Have Free Navigation!

Google brought in the first free navigation with the Motorola DROID/MILESTONE. Then Nokia went ahead and took it to another level by announcing free turn-by-turn navigation for all it’s GPS enabled devices.

Now Microsoft is the next one to follow the footsteps of Google and Nokia. Windows Mobile 7 which hasn’t yet been officially announced is rumoured to be sporting free navigation as well. Microsoft are trying their level best to make Windows Mobile 7 live upto the hype.

The features already include Zune, Xbox and Bing integration topped with a new User Interface. We do not have confirmation of the free navigation from Microsoft or any other sources. But since it might be announced at MWC 2010 (Mobile World Congress), I suggest lets not spoil the fun.

via ubergizmo

Author: Sandeep Sarma

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