Vodafone could bid for UK broadcaster Sky


In response to BT’s proposed acquisition of the UK’s largest network EE, Vodafone looks set to make a bid for UK broadcaster Sky. With the telecoms market in the UK heading towards quad-play, Vodafone needs the services offered by and has the cash to make a bid for Sky, which is valued at around £15 billion. Continue reading “Vodafone could bid for UK broadcaster Sky”

Vodafone could bundle Now TV with its Broadband


Vodafone is reportedly in talks with Sky to base its upcoming TV service around the broadcaster’s internet streaming set-top box service, Now TV. The deal is likely to result in further enhanced collaboration between the two companies and add further fuel to the rumours that Sky will launch its own mobile network based on Vodafone’s network. Continue reading “Vodafone could bundle Now TV with its Broadband”

Pantech Vega Racer – Dual Core 1.5 GHz Smartphone

Pantech has just announced the Vega Racer which is the world’s first dual core 1.5 GHz smartphone. The phone will be released only in Korea.

Continue reading “Pantech Vega Racer – Dual Core 1.5 GHz Smartphone”

Wave Slim phone from Sky

Launched by Pantech & Curitel, the SKY IM-S300 has been christened the “Romantic Wave Slim Phone”.

Launched exclusively in Korea, this slim phone has incredible looks. It is a slider phone with a curvy design.



• 2.2 inch screen
• 1.3 MPX digital camera
• Electronic dictionary
• Multimedia player


Pegged at about Rs 17,000, this phone is a must buy when you go to Korea next.