RAVPower Wireless Charger Review

Wireless charging still hasn’t become main stream, yet there are number of devices that support Wireless charging mainly through Qi inductive wireless charging. Some of the top phones that support wireless charging are Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia 920 and a few others. Other phones have an option of getting a wireless charging case. Though the phones are less in number, the number of wireless charger options are quite a few and today, we have one among them – RAVPower Wireless Charger.

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Ravpower Wireless Charger Unboxing


Wireless charging has been spearheaded by the Qi Wireless Power Consortium for quite a while now, and we have seen phone manufacturers implement the standard in many of their high end phones. On the other hand, we have the wireless chargers being manufactured by a large number of companies, including phone manufacturers themselves, slowly building up the momentum. Technically, it isn’t completely wireless right now, as the charging pads need to be connected to the power plug for it to work. But that hasn’t stopped many manufacturers from making all kinds of wireless charging pads. One of them is Ravpower, who makes the Qi-based wireless charging pads. We had taken a look at their “Dynamo on the go” with our unboxing video, watch –


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