HTC records profits for third quarter in succession


It wasn’t long ago that HTC was reporting successive losses each quarter but the company’s switch to producing more high-quality low-end handsets seems to have paid off with the reporting of their third successive profitable quarter. The comeback started last year and their latest quarter showed increased profits as a result of a growth despite predictions of declines throughout 2014. Continue reading “HTC records profits for third quarter in succession”

BlackBerry posts Q4 2014 results, Reports losses of $423 million

BlackBerry 9720-17

BlackBerry has been facing tough times the last few quarters owing to less than stellar hardware offerings and a lack of consumer interest. Even with BlackBerry 10, the company has hardly managed to stem the tide. The company’s bread and butter has been the Bold and Curve lines and as a sign of the times, both the lines have finally stopped being the volume sellers they used to be. The Canadian smartphone manufacturer has reported fourth quarter losses of $423 million.  Continue reading “BlackBerry posts Q4 2014 results, Reports losses of $423 million”