POCO M5, M5s global and M5 India launch set for September 5

POCO has confirmed the release date for their highly anticipated POCO M5 smartphone. The firm has sent out save-the-date invitations for a launch on September 5. However, credible sources have informed us that the POCO M5 may not be the only smartphone to be introduced on that day. It appears that the POCO M5s will be released on the same date. Continue reading “POCO M5, M5s global and M5 India launch set for September 5”

POCO F1 Review: Deal of the Century

If you’re in the market for a new smartphone, you’ve probably heard of the POCO F1 by now. An all new sub brand by Xiaomi, the POCO is aimed at giving you all out performance and all the other features you expect from a high end phone, at a very affordable price. Yes, we’ve heard that before. Heck the entire ‘Flagship Killer’ category stemmed from providing high end internals at a relatively low cost price. Now, before we do a deep down on the phone, let me just put it out there. The POCO F1 is possibly the best deal in smartphones right now and yet, it is not exactly a flagship and/or a  OnePlus 6 killer. Confused? Let us explain. Continue reading “POCO F1 Review: Deal of the Century”