Nokia E7 Unboxing

We get our hands on the Nokia E7 which is expected to release in India this month . It’s already shipping in some markets around the world. The E7 is the first Symbian^3 phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. It’s pretty much a Nokia N8 with a downsized camera and larger display.  The phone features a Clear Black Display aka CBD

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Nokia E71x AT&T Released!

Nokia just released the Nokia E71x for the AT&T mobile network in USA. The phone is similar to the Nokia E71 but it comes fully in black and also has different network standards. The phone will sell for only 99.99$ which is 100$. The deal is that you would have to pay 150$ for the contract and then you would get a 50$ rebate from AT&T in the form of a Promotion Card. You will have to agree to a two-year service for this offer. The rebate is not redeemable for cash but you can pay your bills. Continue reading “Nokia E71x AT&T Released!”