Nokia E7 Unboxing

We get our hands on the Nokia E7 which is expected to release in India this month . It’s already shipping in some markets around the world. The E7 is the first Symbian^3 phone with a full QWERTY keyboard. It’s pretty much a Nokia N8 with a downsized camera and larger display.  The phone features a Clear Black Display aka CBD

Watch the video of the unboxing below

That hardware on this phone is really mind blowing except for the EDOF Camera which lacks a punch. Symbian^3 was not that great on the N8 but feels nice with a full keyboard. We should be reviewing the device thoroughly in the coming days , but don’t miss your chance to win a E7

A call from Nokia India few days back and here I am. Where? That’s the clinching question. I have been challenged to spend 4 days, with nothing but a Nokia E7 to work on and work with. And there’s an opportunity for you too. Guess where I am, answer my clues from the hints I provide correctly and you could be richer by a Nokia E7. Coming up now on March 8th. Watch this space for more more fun and excitement.

You can win a Nokia E7 by answering a simple question

Author: Varun Krish

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