Understanding the technology behind the MediaTek MT6592 True OctaCore Processor

As our phones become smarter and applications enable us to do more, the onus lies on the hardware to be able to keep up with our demands. Its a constant struggle to strike the right balance between power, battery consumption and the all important price point to create an end product that satisfies consumer requirements while also falling within the earlier mentioned criteria. While the likes of Qualcomm are focussing on making ‘faster and better’ cores, both Samsung and MediaTek are experimenting on increasing the number of cores themselves.

MediaTek True Octa-Core

We recently got to spend some time with Dr. Finnbarr from Mediatek and talk about what the MT6592 chipset brings to the table. There’s been a lot of hype around Samsung’s octa core chipset for smartphones and now that MediaTek is trying to level the playing field by bringing their own solution into the mix, we thought it best to take a look at what sets the MediaTek 6592 apart from the competition. Continue reading “Understanding the technology behind the MediaTek MT6592 True OctaCore Processor”

MediaTek reveals True Octa-Core chip solution


MediaTek, the company responsible for the countless number of Quad Core devices in the mid range Indian market, has today revealed its “True” Octa-Core solution by taking a slight jab at Samsung’s big.LITTLE based Exynos Octa 5. It has been rumoured for some time that MediaTek is going forward with its plans for a Octa Core solution of its own, but the news has finally reached “not a rumour anymore” status with the company proudly announcing this on its site. This “True” Octa Core solution, as MediaTek claims, utilizes the full potential of all the eight cores for a seemingly better performance and even better battery life management.

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Mediatek to launch octa-core MT6592 chip

Popular budget handset chipset manufacturer, Mediatek is all set to launch what might be the world’s first true octa-core chipset. Unlike the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa that only has four cores active at any given point of time, the Mediatek MT6592 will use eight ARM Cortex 7 cores. The chip is being built on the 28 nanometer process and will reach peak frequencies of 1.7 to 2.0Ghz.

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