Meizu m2 note Review

meizu_m2_note (2)

Meizu introduced the first model in the note series, the m1 note at the end of last year and released it into the markets by January this year. So it came as a surprise to most of us seeing that Meizu announced its successor earlier this month in China. That is because Meizu are trying to follow a really fast update schedule. Sony themselves had two flagship models a year until very recently but Meizu are trying to release a new update to a phone every quarter. While it is good news to some, it may anger many of the customers who quite recently purchased the m1 note. Especially in India where the m1 note was launched in the later half of May 2015 and just around 2 weeks later, Meizu announced the m2 note. The m2 note is definitely an improved version of the m1 note. There is a new home button, added features and some other improvements have been made as well. But let us just dive into the review to see how good of a phone the m2 note exactly is.

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Meizu M2 Note photo leaked – Might be announced on June 2nd


Earlier today we had brought to you Meizu’s plans of launching the M1 Note in India on May 20th. Later we also told you about the event they will be hosting on June 2nd and thatthey might announce the M2 Note there. Well, now the very same device has just been leaked in a photo.

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