Nokia Germany workers to get jobs in Nokia Romania factory

Nokia announced the closure of its German manufacturing facility at Bochum at the starting of the year 2008 and was very positive with respect to its manufacturing plans in Romania. The German council was not so happy about Nokia’s exit from Germany and the reasons the company had cited. The talks between the German Trade Union IG Metall and Nokia also failed. Now AFX News has reported that Nokia has eased up a little bit and is ready to accommodate its German facility workers in the new Romanian manufacturing facility. This has also been confirmed by sources within Nokia. Trade Union IG Metall is not aware of any such agreements but it seems that Nokia representatives will be again having a meeting with the Union guys and German politicians to sort out the details of this shifting. Nokia should understand that it is not easy to get away with comments like “less competitive” for a region like Germany.

Nokia announces closure of Bochum facility

Bochum_Nokia.jpgNokia has announced that they will be closing their German manufacturing facility based in Bochum. This will be done by 2008. Nokia said that it is planning to move its production to other sites in Europe. Continue reading “Nokia announces closure of Bochum facility”