ASUS Fonepad vs Samsung Galaxy Note 510


The ASUS Fonepad and the Samsung Galaxy Note 510(also called the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0) are one of a kind tablets. Both launched at MWC, with similar functionality, but with different markets in mind. Carrying the Note brand, the Galaxy Note 8.0 or the Note 510 as it is called in India, has stylus features and all the Samsung goodness associated with all its Note products, while the Fonepad is ASUS’ first entry into the calling tablet market with it squarely aimed at the Tab 2 310’s price range while offering more performance per rupee ratio. By design and looks, it is clearly a Nexus 7 in another form. Between these two tablets, we are going to see which one is better and which one might suit you the best in case you are in confusion. Before diving into the in-depth text comparison, here is our video of the same –


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