Trillian IM client coming to Android

Trillian has announced that they are going to jump into the Android bandwagon soon, they announced that the beta version will be out in few weeks. Trillian app is already available on iPhone and BlackBerry, and now Android is their next target. What’s Trillian? Trillian is a multi-network instant messaging application that allows you to chat with your buddies on Facebook Chat, Windows Live, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, Jabber and MySpace IM.

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Moodagent – PlaylistDJ for Android out for download

Syntonetic has released a new app for Android, which is specially made for music lovers known as Moodagent. The Android app is available for all Android device running Android 1.5 or higher. The app allows you to listen the music in the way you want. This is a very good app and the ad supported version is available for free, but soon they will launch the ad-free version for $5 in select countries. Continue reading “Moodagent – PlaylistDJ for Android out for download”

Review of Official IPL iPhone App

IPL is the biggest thing to happen in India, and this year it is gonna rock more with IPL back in India and tie-ups with Google, MiMobi, Live Current Media Inc and others showing IPL allying towards technology. Even Lalit Modi tweets all through the day and in one of his tweet he anounced

Watch out for itunes apps and android and blackberry apps. All coming soon for ipl.

And after the wait IPL App for iPhone has been landed, I took quite a time to look over this App and my review is based on how the App worked on 1st match of IPL season 3.


The App has a plain bland look, with only use simple black and gray colors, the UI of the App is not so happening and looks boring. Though nothing new is expected from App made by Indian designers, though it is ok. The Apps starts with Signup screen which is mandatory in order to use the App, after signing up a password is mailed to Inbox, then after logging in you can start using the App.

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iPhone Apps that you need to have before 2010

This is the post I have been waiting to write for a month, after continuously reviewing so many Apps throughout the year, I have tried my best to  summarize and bring you the must have Apps(here Apps by default means iPhone Apps).

I will not be categorizing any Apps and I will also give a alternative if possible. I am also avoiding any description as these are few selected Apps you should not require any description, you just need to fire up iTunes and get these.

1) Print & Share

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Flash Lite application: KiTwitts available for download


Being a power twitter user, have you ever felt the need of searching for tweets while on the go? There are various mobile applications available across the internet compatible with your mobile device using which you can tweet into your twitter account but you must be wondering for sure, whether there is any twitter application available, using which you can search for tweets right from your mobile device? Yes there is a  twitter application which will fulfill this need of searching for tweets. Continue reading “Flash Lite application: KiTwitts available for download”

Skype for iPhone – A BIG HIT!

Initially when the Skype App was launched for iPhone, we covered it with a good review along with a huge number of

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