Skype for iPhone – A BIG HIT!

Initially when the Skype App was launched for iPhone, we covered it with a good review along with a huge number of

It was obvious that the application would be successful and there were many good reviews of the application and iPhone users across the globe appreciated the application which works using a local Wi Fi hot-spot.

But, it has now been reported that, in an average, the application is being downloaded atleast 70,000 times a day totaling to 2 million downloads as of now. And the huge figure proves that the app is “A BIG HIT” among iPhone users.

One limitation about the app is that it wont work over EDGE / GPRS . We guess its due to the fact that its a bandwidth intensive application. Varun had a word with Atul Chitnis of Geodesic regarding the same and it was learnt that the Skype protocol itself wont work over GPRS .

So, if you are yet to download the app.. then its your turn now. Go and give this cool app a try..!

Author: Deepak

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