Google Play gets app update prompt tool for timely updates

Google has introduced a new tool to prompt users to update their apps for a better experience. Play Console’s recovery tools enable you to prompt users running specific app versions to update whenever they restart the app.

You can refine your targeting by country or Android version if needed, without any prior integration. Google reports that more than 50% of users respond positively to these prompts, enhancing the overall user experience.

Prompt users to update to your latest app version

After prompting users to update, you can use Play Console’s recovery tools to modify your update configuration, monitor its progress, or cancel the recovery action.

If users are on an outdated or problematic app version, Play Console helps you prompt them to update, especially if there’s a security issue.

  • Select the app bundle version, choose targeting criteria (all users, by country, or by Android version), and users will see a full-screen prompt upon opening the app, indicating the need for an update.
  • Users can either update or dismiss, with the prompt recurring after every cold restart if dismissed. If accepted, the app will update to the latest compatible version.

Important notes before prompting users to update in Play Console:

1. There must be a new version in all tracks containing the app version you want users to update from.
2. You can cancel the recovery action at any time, affecting only users who haven’t updated.
3. You can expand your targeting criteria whenever needed.


To use this feature, log in to Google Play Console and go to Releases or the App Bundle Explorer page. Choose the app versions for which you want to send update prompts.

You can also utilize the Play Developer API for this, and soon, you’ll be able to target multiple app versions simultaneously. Keep in mind that the version you’re targeting must be built as an app bundle.

Announcing the updates, Lidia Gaymond – Product Manager, Google Play, said:

For years, Google Play has facilitated users in experiencing the latest versions of your app with auto-updates or in-app updates. While many users opt for these methods, some may find themselves on outdated, unsupported, or malfunctioning app versions. Today, we unveil a new tool designed to prompt these users to update, aligning them with the intended app experience you aimed to deliver.