Red Google Nexus 5 leaks again in a press image


Not long ago, we saw that the UK retail box of the red Google Nexus 5 leaked out. It was an interesting colour choice for the popular smartphone, which released with only two colours – Black or White, back in October. We had compared the two colours and found that the material used for them are vastly different with each providing a different level of build quality and handling. Now, we have a new red coloured version which looks like the real deal, as the press image leaked by evleaks showcases it in bleeding red. Riding the colour wave started by Nokia with its Lumia series of devices, the Nexus 5 in red might be really tempting for people who are still holding back on the purchase because of the lack of colour choices.

The Google Nexus 5 launched by the Mountain View company back in October, was in association with LG, the same partner that did the massively popular Nexus 4 for them. We noted in our review that the Nexus 5 is very much a worthy upgrade over the Nexus 4 as it improved its looks, the build as well as the specifications that bring it closer to the current generation of smartphone. Of course, the price was the killer, which literally guarantees big sales for LG and Google. This event reflected in LG’s earnings as one of the key drivers of LTE adoption all over the world. But of course, there are quite a few snags that make the Nexus 5 experience less than the best, you can read our review to find that out.

That said, the new red coloured addition will possibly extend the life cycle of the device by a few months, as the whole industry is gearing up for showcasing more new devices at the upcoming Mobile World Congress event. May be we will see the red Nexus 5 there, but it still yet to be officially announced, so we hope to see it at least. Until then, here’s a pic of the old leak that showed off the Nexus 5 inside the box –

Source evleaks

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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