Motorola Z12 ZiNE pictures leaked

motorolaz12scarvenfirstfh1.jpgWell we have been hearing quite abuzz in the mobile world and circulations across the web that Our beloved Motorola are following suite Siemens and Philips in selling of their mobile phone division.

To put aside all these rumours Moto has released a teaser video In the 3GSM Congress and now the actual pictures of the long rumoured Motorola Z12 ZiNE a.k.a. Skarven have been leaked.

The photos make it look exactly like the recently launched Z10 though Z12 will have more of touch based interface, the keypad will be touched orientated and the display will obviously be a touchscreen as rumors confirm it has symbian UIQ

The Z12 is rumoured to have 5 megapixel Kodak camera. We really don’t know for sure but we do have a few clues…

This means that Motorola will focus a lot on DVB-h, or on watching movies on your mobile phone, or simply include a big ass display on the device that it’s planning to launch.

All this fun and flamboyance should be able to sustain as Motorola should yet again not spoil such a beauty with its irksome and Most cumbersome Battery Life.


Who knows, U never know about motorola Unless U say


~~”Hello Moto”

Author: Team FoneArena

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