Fring Never worry About ur ISD bills

Well Have you ever wondered your GPRS connection is going kapput without actually having any real usage other than actually just checking mails and your occasional cumbersome internet browsing. Well lo behold, Welcome “Fring”, a software from FringLand Inc., .

go mobile with Skype MSN, Messenger, ICQ,

Google Talk, SIP, Twitter, AIM& Yahoo!

Yes you Can. it integrates all your accounts into one single screen and allows you to chat with all your friends in various accounts together at the same time.

Well the Cream of the Cake is that with Skype and the Inbulit AppServ2 Software of Fring, Fring client Supports VOIP( Voice Over Internet Protocol) and hello, so what it means is that, your uncle at muscat or cousin in US is not far away any more. With a WIFI enabled mobile or with ur UN-limited GPRS plan you can make skype calls absolutely free. If not skype you can call the other persons PC or Mobile(Fring Installed) just like you would do voice chat over mike and head phones and that too absolutely free with the comfort of your own beloved handset

And what more almost all your favorite Nokia Nseries handsets support Fring.

So enjoy long Undisturbed happy peacefull calls to your beloved ones in India and abroad without worry of your mobile bills.

P.S. ofcourse we recommend an unlimited Plan for GPRS or best a WIFI connection.

Download fring 

We are covered fring in the past as well. But  seems like they have gotten really better which support for more IM protocols and Twitter too.

The have released an updated version of their app .. Go get it !

Author: Team FoneArena

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