LG G2 Quick Window Case Hands on Demo

The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 smartphone earlier this year introduced yet another concept into the mobile space – smart covers that work in tandem with your smartphone to display information even when your screen is “off”. The Galaxy S4 S View cover only displayed the time but with the Galaxy Note 3, Samsung have managed to evolve their take on the smart accessory.


It’s not just Samsung who are getting in on the act, with LG bringing out a range of similar accessories for their new LG G2 smartphone. With a 5.2 inch Full HD 1080p screen, the LG G2 offers ample real estate for LG to make use of a smart window style accessory and as you’ll see in the video below, they’ve actually worked hard to make it a very useful feature.


The LG G2 Quick Window accessory is an S-View style cover with a large window through which you can access a range of features, including the weather and time. As we’ve seen time and time again, the first iteration of any new accessory or feature usually comes bereft with bugs and sadly this is the case with the LG G2 Quick Window which failed to respond at times and seemed to lag far too much to be used on a daily basis.


Nonetheless, it’s great to see a company like LG innovating and attempting to compete with the best Android OEM (Samsung) in an area that Samsung dominates mainly due to the incredible amount of resources they have available. The LG G2 Quick Window comes in a range of colours designed to act as the perfect companion for your LG G2 smartphone and should be available to purchase in selected markets alongside the LG G2.


Although the LG G2 Quick Window case is far from perfect, it shows that the era of smart covers and accessories is firmly upon us and with this particular case offering, LG is sending out a firm message that they are willing to compete on every front to ensure their premium G series smartphone range is a success.

Author: Nirave

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