Google Mobile Search for Android gets support for Hindi Handwrite input

Google Mobile Search Hindi Handwrite Input

Google has a introduced a new feature in Google Search for Android, where users will be able to write on their screen in India’s most common language – Hindi. Handwrite has been an option that has been there for quite sometime now, but Hindi was not an option until now. Handwrite enables users to Google search by handwriting on the screen instead of using the on-screen keyboard. From today, users will be able to write Hindi words on the screen and get search results based on that.

To enable handwrite, users must open their mobile browser and go to . Once the page loads, there is a settings options on the bottom of the screen. On tablets, Search settings is present behind the gear icon. Now go to Settings, Search Settings and enable Handwrite from the options. Also to get Hindi results, one must add Hindi as another language of search results. This can be done from the same settings menu.

Once done, when the user wants to input values in the search box, the usual on-screen keyboard is missing and you get a small “g” icon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Tapping that lets you write anywhere on the screen. You can choose to write either English or in Hindi. The results will be tailored based on your search terms.

Google has announced this new feature to bring 300 million more users online. According to Google, less than 10% of online users use internet in their native language while in the offline world, more than 90% users use native language for reading newspapers and watching TV. In addition to enabling Handwrite option for Hindi, Google has also added Hindi support in Google Translate app for Android in a recent update. Users can now use Google Translate for Hindi and write Hindi words on-screen to get the translation.

Report Contributed by Monish Kumar

Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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