Google Hangouts for Android, iPhone and iPad now available for Download

Google Hangouts for Android and iPhone

Google announced the Hangouts app for Android, iPhone, iPad and Chrome at the Google I/O few hours back. These apps are now available for download. This app brings photos, emoji, video calls, history and more. This app replaces the original Google Talk app on Android and it is a separate app for iPhone and iPad.

Since Google Talk comes pre-installed on Android it would say the app is already installed. If you still see the Talk when you open it, head to Google Play on desktop and try installing from there. If it says installed there too, login from different Google account (Account must be there on your device too) and install it. Still not working ? Try to side load the app manually from the link below. On Google Chrome the Chat for Google extension is replaced with Hangouts. It’s also part of Gmail and Google+.


Features of Google Hangouts for Android, iPhone and iPad

  • Say more with photos and emoji.
  • See when people are together in Hangouts, when they’re typing, or whether they’ve seen your message.
  • Turn any conversation into a video call with up to 10 friends.
  • Message friends anytime, even if they’re not connected right now.
  • View and continue your Hangouts across devices.
  • Get notifications just once. After you see an alert, it’ll be removed on other devices.
  • Snooze your notifications if you’d prefer to respond later.
  • See what you talked about in the past, including shared photos and your video call history.
  • Keep a record of any Hangout for just a short period of time by turning history off.
  • View collections of photos shared from each of your Hangouts.

Download Google Hangouts – Android (or APK via Phadroid)| iPhone and iPad | Chrome


Author: Srivatsan Sridhar

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