Foursquare for Windows Phone 8 gets a refresh, new UI and new features


Foursquare, the leading location based social network has received a major refresh for the Windows Phone 8 platform, with a new UI, new features and more. The official app has been around in the Windows Phone marketplace for quite a while now and it was revealed that Nokia and Microsoft are working with Foursquare to bring a new experience to the Windows Phone platform and here it is. The app, boasting millions of users is primarily used for exploring nearby places and checking in to places so as to create a history of geotags with the added bonus of points and badges.

The new Windows Phone 8 Foursquare app is available for all the Windows Phone 8 devices with special optimisations for the Nokia Lumia devices, especially discovering foursquare places in Nokia’s Here City Lens. The app, if you own a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 device, should be available in the Nokia collection on the Windows Phone store.

Since this is done in partnership with Nokia and Microsoft the mapping platform used here is Nokia’s own “here” platform while Foursquare uses Google maps on other platforms like iOS and Android. Other than that, the Foursquare app is now pretty feature rich and has all the necessary UI elements now to make it look like a proper Foursquare app.

You can grab the new Foursquare app for Windows Phone 8 here.

Source Foursquare blog

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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