TAG Heuer to launch Mobile Phones

Fresh on the list of Luxury Good manufacturers, after watches, eye wear, perfumes and clothes is the booming market for Mobile phones.

With more and more luxury accessory houses joining the fray, the Mobile Phone world is likely to get competitive, to the advantage of the user.


With an intention to cash in on this mania, in a release to the Press on 26 November 2007, TAG Heuer, the French watch giant, announced their decision to launch a series of luxury Mobile phones. The handsets will hit the market in the second half of 2008.

While known companies such as Prada and Armani launched their mobile phones through LG and Samsung, TAG Heuer has licensed its name to French customised design manufacturer Modelabs for its line of handsets.

TAG CEO Christophe Babin said, “TAG Heuer is a brand for contemporary, technological and timeless products…such as luxury mobile phones.”

Since brand consciousness knows no geographical boundaries, Indians can hope that this range of premium mobile phones is also launched in India.

Via: justamp.blogspot.com