Fingerprint sensor window patent for the iPhone filed by Apple

Apple has filed another patent and this one is based on fingerprint sensors. Apple has filed biometric based patents before but we have never really seen its use in any of their products, but we might actually see the use of this patent in the near future. Maybe in the next iPhone.

This new patent filed Apple makes your device secure and only you will be able to open your iPhone. As soon as you slide to unlock, a window just next to the center button will open up showing a sensor, image sensing device or something like that to scan your fingerprint and then give you access to your mobile device. Once it has scanned your finger print, the window will be concealed again.

This is a really nice concept considering that it is not only used for opening your device, even third party applications should be allowed to use this for example like making online transactions, etc. But we are unsure when Apple will be actually using this concept, we hope that it is in the next iPhone.

Source: Patently Apple