MediaTek to make quad-core chips starting Q4 2012

MediaTek, the company behind those ultra cheap single and dual core system on chips launched recently, is prepping for another round of competition. Yes, they are now in the quad-core game, well, at least they will be, when they start making those sweet quad-core chips starting Q4 2012, according to reports from China Times.

Based in Taiwan, MediaTek is solely responsible for the latest range of Micromax phones boasting some insane specs at its price range. And when they are slated to make quad-core chips, it is pretty sure now that Micromax will be making use of it, and it is expected that OEMs like them would be able to get their hands on it, starting Q1 2013.

The new chips are fabricated using the 28nm process, just like the Qualcomm S4. However, we must keep in mind that, with lesser cost comes predictably lower performance, how many ever cores it might have. Also, there is no doubt that this SoC is squarely aimed at cheap Android OEMs, let that linger in your mind for a while.

The spec war at the lower-mid end of the price range is just getting hotter and hotter with this announcement. Will we see a quad-core based phone at around 15k INR?

via Unwired View

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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