Recycle your Old Mobile Phone at a Nokia Store Pics Inside

We were recently invited to a Nokia Store surrounding the Recycle Phones campaign.

Since old phones are harmful to the environment , Nokia has taken up an initiative to take back old phones .

Its a global campaign called “Take-Back”

Below are some cool hands drawing your attention to give old phones

There was also a neat chart explaining how recycling works ..

please click on the image if u wish to read the text

It urges you to “go home and empty your drawer of old phones ,accessories and chargers. Remember – we can recycle anything to do with a mobile ”

and the fancy recycle bin din have any phones inside when I checked .. Hope i had my old 3310 to recycle ..

And too add ” Any Nokia recyling point will take back your old phone,charger or accessories for recycling. they don’t even have to be in working order or be made by Nokia.”

Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Google Pixel 6. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish