Google said to be working on celebrity-based AI Chatbots

Google is reportedly developing chatbots through its Labs team that can have personalities based on celebrities or customized by users.

Google Labs is developing tools to build and interact with customizable chatbots using its Gemini models. According to The Information, these chatbots can mimic celebrities or be personalized by users to reflect specific personalities and appearances.

AI Chatbots with Celebrity Personalities

According to the report, Google plans to utilize its Gemini large language models to create celebrity chatbots, with potential partnerships involving influencers and famous personalities.

They are also developing a feature for users to craft their own chatbots by specifying traits, similar to platforms like The project, overseen by Ryan Germick from Google Doodles and a team of ten, is expected to debut this year on Google Labs.

Google is reportedly considering integrating these chatbots into YouTube, akin to Meta’s platform, despite current limited interest. They plan to use a mobile-friendly interface via a Progressive Web App (PWA), rather than integrating directly with Google Messages or Chat.

This effort contrasts with Gems, which were announced at I/O 2024 and offer specialized versions such as yoga coaches and math tutors.

While specific celebrity partnerships remain undisclosed, Meta’s experience with AI chatbots based on personalities such as Charli D’Amelio and Mr. Beast has shown mixed success, as highlighted in the report.

Google aims to showcase its AI capabilities in a consumer-friendly way through these chatbots, potentially launching the feature in 2024 to compete with Meta’s offerings across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.