WhatsApp update brings 32-Person video calls, audio screen sharing, and speaker spotlight

WhatsApp has introduced several new updates to enhance the calling experience across devices.

In its announcement, WhatsApp noted that since launching the calling feature in 2015, they have continuously improved it by adding group calls, video calls, and multi-platform support.

Here are the latest updates:
  • Screen sharing with audio: Users can now share their screens along with audio, making it perfect for watching videos together.
  • Increased participants: Video calls can now include up to 32 participants across all devices. Previously, the participant limit was 32 on mobile devices, 16 on Windows, and 8 on macOS.

  • Speaker spotlight: The person speaking is automatically highlighted, making it easier to see who is talking.
Meta Low Bitrate (MLow) codec

Additionally, Meta has introduced the Meta Low Bitrate (MLow) codec to improve call reliability, especially on poor networks or older devices.

This codec offers twice the audio quality of the previous Opus codec while using 10% less computational power. MLow is already used in Instagram and Messenger calls and is now being implemented in WhatsApp.


WhatsApp stated in a blog post that these updates will be available to all eligible users over the next few weeks.