Apple Design Awards 2024: Here are the 14 best apps and games

Apple announced the winners of its annual Apple Design Awards 2024 today.

They honored 14 apps and games for their excellent design, technical skill, and innovation. These winners were chosen from 42 finalists worldwide.

Delight and Fun
  • App: Bears Gratitude: A journaling app promoting daily gratitude practices with charming characters.

  • Game: NYT Games: A gaming catalog offering engaging titles like Connections.

Finalists: Dudel Draw, Hello Kitty Island Adventure, Rooms, WHAT THE CAR?

  • App: oko: Alerts pedestrians about signal lights, aiding visually impaired individuals.

  • Game: Crayola Adventures: A colorful game with diverse character choices and inclusive narration.

Finalists: Complete Anatomy 2024, quadline, Tiimo, Unpacking.


  • Game: Lost in Play: A charming adventure game with hand-drawn graphics and puzzles.

Finalists: Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, Copilot Money, SmartGym, Wavelength.

  • App: Crouton: A recipe app with a clean interface for easy kitchen use.

  • Game: Rytmos: Challenges players with puzzles and evolving songs using simple gestures.

Finalists: Arc Search, finity., Little Nightmares, Procreate Dreams.

Social Impact

  • Game: The Wreck: A visual novel addressing life-changing decisions with deep narratives.

Finalists: Ahead: Emotions Coach, Cityscapes: Sim Builder, How We Feel, The Bear.

Visuals and Graphics
  • App: Rooms: Allows users to build imaginative scenes and interact with others.

  • Game: Lies of P: A visually stunning adventure game with customizable visuals.

Finalists: DEATH STRANDING DIRECTOR’S CUT, Honkai: Star Rail, Meditate, Sunlitt: Sun Position and Path.

Spatial Computing

  • Game: Blackbox: Challenges users with spatial puzzles and engaging details.

Finalists: Loóna: Cozy Puzzle Games, NBA, Sky Guide, Synth Riders.

Each winner will receive an Apple Design Award and a prize package to support their future creations. To know more, visit or the Apple Developer app.